13th District Needs to Vote Manweller

It’s critical that voters in Washington State Legislative District 13 re-elect Matt Manweller.

Why? Representative Manweller has announced that he will  fill out his current term and has pledged to resign the position after the election. This will ensure the seat will remain Republican.

Because: State law says that Legislators who resign or retire during a term must be replaced with a legislator of the same party, nominated by that party’s local Precinct Committee Officers and chosen by way of a vote of the county commissioners in their district.

A Saturday Evening note from a Grant County Republican Party Grass Roots Worker 11/3/18

Probably everyone in the 13th Legislative District has received the flyer sent out by the “Enough Is Enough PAC”.

It is a salacious replay of the allegations against Representative Matt Manweller.

“I have to tell you that I agree with that PAC! Enough Is Enough!

As a conscientious and patriotic voter, surely you see through these demoralizing allegations.

Representative Matt Manweller’s accusers wanted him out of the running for 13th Legislative District, Seat #2, and they wanted to oust him from his tenured job as a professor at CWU! Don’t listen to the liberal press; don’t let them convince you to vote for his liberal opponent.

Representative Matt Manweller has a very positive and successful history of working diligently for the people of the 13th Legislative District. He is a champion of the Washington State Constitution and the US Constitution. He has worked to protect the values of our rural communities and small cities, and he has fought tirelessly against an income tax, food tax, gun regulations, and pollution fees!

When Representative Matt Manweller wins the vote on November 6, 2018, he will preserve Seat #2 in the 13th Legislative District. He will then resign and a new conservative candidate will be appointed in his stead.

Vote to Save Our Seat!

Sometimes we are called on to believe things that are not true; especially in politics. The allegations against Matt Manweller are just that; allegations. So, I am asking the voters in the 13th Legislative District to suspend their fears and stay the course. A man that I admire and respect once said, “Choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.” Trust the Republican Party Central Committees in Grant County, Kittitas County, Lincoln County, and Yakima County to help you understand the vote that we are asking you to cast. We are doorbelling in all four counties. When we knock on your door, ask us,

“Why should I vote for Representative Matt Manweller?”  

We are happy to answer that question for you.

Here Are Even More Reasons

Democrats have a slim two seat majority in the Washington House. They want a larger buffer to pass even more liberal laws that benefit urban, West-side communities that ignore the rural agricultural communities in Eastern Washington.

District 13 has been solidly Republican for decades. Labor unions and Democrats feel that the seat is “in play” and they are aggressively promoting their candidate.

Voting for Manweller will help protect the values of our rural communities and small cities. Talk to your neighbors about Saving Our Seat by checking the Manweller box on the ballot.

How is the Seat Filled?

When Manweller resigns as pledged, District 13 Republican PCO leadership in Kittitas, Grant, Lincoln, and Yakima Counties will put forth a total of three candidates to the County Commissioners of the respective counties. Those County Commissioners will then select a single candidate to fill the vacant position for the 2019 Legislative Session in Olympia.

Protect Your Right to Bear Arms

Protect Your Property Rights

Protect Our Rural Economy

Save Our Seat by Checking ✓ The Manweller Box ✓

Republicans of District 13

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